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Roblox Adds Rare, Resellable Digital Items—But They’re Not NFTs

By Sander Lutz   It looks like an NFT, it’s issued like an NFT, and it resells like an NFT. But alas, it isn’t one.  Roblox, the dominant online gaming platform, recently rolled out a new class of wearable virtual goods that can be sold in limited quantities by third-party creators, per a recent company announcement. The goods, called Limiteds, can also be resold by Roblox users at any price of their choosing, with a 10% cut of each secondary sale going to the original creator. If that sounds an awful lot like how NFTs work, you’re not alone. Virtual assets that are issued in limited amounts and leverage scarcity to generate profit, yet still support creators as they trade hands in the...

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Bitcoin Is the 'Boring, Old Grandpa' Right Now Compared to Ether: Dexterity Capital Manager Partner

By Fran Velasquez   Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is steadfast and mundane, said Michael Safai, managing partner at financial services firm Dexterity Capital. But that's a good thing. “Bitcoin’s going to be the boring old grandpa right now in the room,” Safai told CoinDesk TV’s “First Mover” on Friday referring to why, during these uncertain economic times, bitcoin’s rally may be due to its simple, more familiar story. Certainly a lot of the excitement in the crypto market is happening in ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, he noted. On Wednesday Ethereum underwent its Shanghai upgrade, also known as Shapella. The blockchain’s upgrade raised questions about whether there would be major sell-offs. Instead, ETH's price inched above $2,000 two days after the...

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